Mr. Brassard’s Weekly Letter

St. Augustine School

“Following the way, the truth and the life of Christ”


                                                                                                            September 15, 2017

Dear St. Augustine Family,

New Staff and Students 

We have just completed our third week of school. If you haven’t had a chance to meet or say hello to our new faculty, staff, and students, please do if you happen to come upon them. There is somewhat of an adjustment period when one enters a new job or new school, trying to fit into a new schedule, and getting to know a lot of new faces is also part of the process. That process can be challenging, so let’s make that transition as easy as possible. Our new teachers and staff are working hard and showing an excitement that I am proud of and glad to have at St. Augustine School. Please also pass this message onto your children, because it can even be harder for a young student to make these adjustments. Sometimes they try too hard to fit in and he/she does not express that desire to be welcomed in the best way. It is all part of growing up and understanding how to fit in. Soon they will be just part of our family, but let’s extend that helping hand and welcoming word to each and everyone of them.

Athletics and Activities

Congratulations to our middle school tennis team for winning their opening match on Monday! They split their two singles matches and won all their doubles matches versus St. Rose of Lima. Our cross country team also began its season this week with a few of our boys and girls finishing in the top ten in their races. The rest of after school activities have started or will be starting soon. I am very proud of all the art and athletic programs that take place each week. Please encourage your child to take part in one or two of these great after school activities.

Mass Club

Thank you to all of those students who attended our first Mass club this Thursday. We had thirty five attendees, which is the most we had at one Mass since we began Mass Club two years ago. All are welcome to our next one on Thursday, October 19th.                                                             

Until next week…

God Bless,

Mr. Andrew Brassard

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