Mr. Brassard’s Weekly Letter

St. Augustine School

“Following the way, the truth and the life of Christ”

                                                                                                     October 6, 2017

Dear St. Augustine Family,

Blessing of the Pets

On Wednesday, Father Forcier led our third annual “Blessing of the Pets” event. There were cats, dogs, rabbits, fish and a whole slew of stuffed animals. Father Forcier made sure he blessed each animal and seemed to enjoy it, each time, even with some larger dogs present. This is one of those activities that builds the community feeling at St. Augustine School.


The visitors during our NEASC visit were very impressed with our school. They said that the school truly represents its mission statement. They enjoyed being part of the morning assembly and were impressed on how students answered questions, were polite in the hallways, and showed their love for their school and teachers. They were also impressed with the academic and extracurricular activities provided at St. Augustine School. They were impressed with the communication systems we have in place, the technological advancements, the introduction to blended learning at our school, and the successful implementation of our Pre-kindergarten age three program this fall. The full report will not be available for another month or two. We will do our best to implement any suggestions that they will provide to us, and I hope you will be helpful to us if any of those changes involve your participation. It will be another ten years before another visit, but we are always aiming to achieve excellence at St. Augustine School.   

Until next week…

God Bless,

Mr. Andrew Brassard

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