Mr. Brassard’s Weekly Letter

St. Augustine School

“Following the way, the truth and the life of Christ”


                                                                                                              November 3, 2017


Dear St. Augustine Family,


All About the Saints


The students were very excited about Halloween this week. On Monday, some of the younger classes had their Halloween parties. On Wednesday morning, the students came in a little groggy at morning prayer from their late night trick-or-treating. Things picked up from morning prayer, and as a school, we went over to celebrate the All Saints’ Day Mass which was concelebrated by Father Forcier and Fr. Brice. During November, we remember the saints, and Father Forcier has asked the students to once again write an essay on a saint of their choosing. Each morning during November, Father reads a few of the saint essays that the students have written. As they listen to the reading of these essays, the students learn some facts about many different saints. Even though very holy, these saints were just like our students. As they followed their path in life, even though there may have been some ups and downs, they trusted in God to guide them to be the example they are to us today.

Saints in the Making


Mr. Cola’s grade four students got a head start on their saint essays. The class chose a saint to learn about, and on Wednesday, they toured the school in costumes representing their saint. In each class, they spoke about the story of their saint. Each student knew their facts and seemed excited to talk about their saint, even after doing it numerous times throughout the day for each class. I enjoy seeing the children develop as students from Pre-kindergarten, seeing the confidence they develop, the knowledge of their faith they gain, and the values that they take on. Mr. Cola, a graduate of Saint Augustine School, enjoys bringing back some of the traditions and projects he took part in while he was a student.


Until next week… God Bless,

Mr. Andrew Brassard

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