St. Augustine School

“Following the way, the truth and the life of Christ”


                                                                                             December 1, 2017

Dear St. Augustine Family,

God’s Blessings

We have two teachers that began maternity leaves after Thanksgiving break. Last Wednesday, Mrs. Simeone delivered a beautiful girl who she named Guiliana. Mrs. McCurdy, as of the writing of this letter, had not given birth to her third child. We wish them both our best during their maternity leave. Mr. Vacca is also on leave recovering from some recent surgery. During this time, we have three experienced substitutes taking over their roles. Mr. Vallee, Mrs. Simeone’s dad, who is a retired music teacher, will be teaching music, as well as, conducting the music at our Christmas concerts. Ms. Pollard and Mrs. Ambrosino, two retired and experienced teachers, will be filling in the roles of Mr. Vacca and Mrs. McCurdy.


It is with great pleasure to announce that The New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC) officially granted St. Augustine’s School Continued Accreditation at their November meeting. We received all passing ratings. (Schools are given either a pass or fail on all standards.) As with all schools that are accredited, there are recommendations made that need to be worked on during the first two years after the report is written. Some recommendations, like the recent dismissal change, will be addressed sooner than the two year mark. Below are just a few of the commendations from the NEASC report that I thought you would be interested in reading.

“It is clear in the mission statement that St. Augustine is a Catholic school. The School’s mission appears to be linked to all aspects of the day, including morning prayer, grace after meals, prayer stations in classrooms, and a general sense of a school filled with “individuals of strong character, knowledge, and faith.”

“The visiting committee commends St. Augustine School for operating a high quality Early Childhood Program, including the staffing, facilities, instructional and classroom management strategies used, and the seamless addition of a PreK-3 program.”

“The visiting committee commends St. Augustine School for their dedicated, committed and qualified staff that have created a welcoming and nurturing environment for students and a professional and collaborative environment for faculty members, specifically a willingness of faculty members to support one another in all areas.”

Until next week… God Bless,

Mr. Andrew Brassard

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