Mr. Brassard’s Weekly Letter

St. Augustine School

“Following the way, the truth and the life of Christ”


                                                                                                             January 5, 2018

Dear St. Augustine Family,

Re-registration Packets

Re-registration packets for the 2108-2019 school year will go home in the family envelope next week. We are providing you with the month of January to re-register. At the end of the month, we have open houses and a registration for new families on the first Monday in February. We want to make sure that we provide the opportunity for existing families to secure spots for next year before we open the possibility to new families.

STAR Testing

The winter schedule of STAR reading and math testing takes place the next two weeks for grades two through eight. Grade one will have a reading assessment during the weeks following the grade two through eight testing. There is nothing for the students to prepare ahead of time, and the testing does not affect the usual school schedule substantially.  Please encourage your child to try his or her best on these tests.

Some Changes

We have implemented some changes for the beginning of the new year. We have repositioned some of our staff in new roles. Mrs. Andreozzi will now be acting as our school receptionist. Mrs. Varone will become our kindergarten aide, and Mrs. Donnelly will take on the role as the pre-kindergarten age four aide. We are glad to have each of these staff members and know they will do well in their new roles at the school.

Until next week…

God Bless,

Mr. Andrew Brassard

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